What Makes a Consistent Brand?

Five Key Elements of a Consistent Brand


Today, I’m going to teach you five essential elements your business needs to have for a harmonious vibe. You can’t skip out on any one of these, otherwise, your appearance will look cluttered and chaotic. Remember, your brand is the destination your customers have been seeking. Welcome them and encourage them to stay with a visually pleasing presence.

1. Primary Logo

The logo can be a graphic symbol representing your company or a logotype of the name. Sometimes both put together! Many companies think a symbol is required for a logo, when in fact a professionally set stand-alone logotype may convey your essence much more accurately. Stay away from logo generators or clip art as you will lose uniqueness and risk copyright infringement.

2. Logo Alternatives

Did you know that most companies have more than one logo? While it’s important to create consistency when showcasing your brand, there might be times when your primary logo just doesn’t fit. This is where alternatives come into play. You might need one that’s slightly different to fit thin horizontal placements (like a website banner) or a tiny icon version as your browser favicon.

3. Color Palette

Brand color palettes are usually pretty limited. There are 2-3 core colors that you should stick to consistently. You might also include a few more accent color swatches to complement your core tones. For example, Meteor Street Studio core colors consist of neutrals, but we often pull our accent colors in (like ice blues) with our photography.

4. Typography Kit

To keep your brand clean and hierarchy clear, try to stick to only 3 different fonts that work well together. One for headlines, one for your body copy, and another for subheadings. Then use this same system on everything you create for your brand. Don’t know how to pair fonts? A brand stylist can help you choose.

5. Uniform Imagery

All imagery that you use must have a consistent look and feel. Even if you use stock photography. Be mindful that the tones, colors, and vibe go together across all audience touchpoints. So if you start to use bright and airy images on your website, you should also be using that style in your emails, collateral, and social media.

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