Why You Need an Irresistible Brand Story


Do you ever wonder why Christmas or Super Bowl advertisements are so exciting and successful? They always tell memorable stories that tug on human emotion. Storytelling creates deep connections beyond the sales pitch. If you want people to believe and trust in your business, you need to tell your brand story. A brand story clearly conveys your history, why you exist, and your goals to help others. We are wired to respond to emotion.

The foundation of your business

Compelling storytelling will have a huge effect as you build your brand. It’s the foundation of everything. And bonus: you can use this whole story on your website’s about page. Before I begin styling any brand, I always ask for the story behind it. This is the best way for me to get to know you and the values that drive you. Stories often reveal little magical details that we can incorporate into the design. Not to mention knowing your real story makes me even more excited to work with you – which is also the same feeling you want to foster in your customers and community!

Exceptional brands articulate their story authentically, honestly, and with vulnerability. Storytelling is the most effective method to capture attention, build empathy, and create community. It doesn’t have to be long, but it does need to be true. Unless your business is completely whimsical, your story cannot be artificial. People can spot insincerity from miles away and will automatically be turned off. Your story must also be deeply rooted in your purpose in order to resonate with your ideal client.

Elements of a brand story

It’s best to communicate your history, your purpose, and your reason for existing. Weave in any values that are vital in how you run your business or that you know your customers might share. There are three building blocks within every good narrative: (1) the circumstances, (2) the dilemma, and (3) the solution.

We’ve created a simple workbook to assist you in crafting your narrative in a cohesive and effective way. Download, print, and complete each section to unleash your story!


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