Whether you’re seeking a place of respite, a space to connect with friends, or the perfect spot to focus, For Keeps Coffee provides a welcoming retreat in an intimate atmosphere. Founders Cameron & Danielle's intention is to provide their community with a place to connect, recharge, and feel inspired. My mission was to build a brand that brings soul and beauty to their customers' daily coffee rituals.

Introducing For Keeps Coffee: A Place to Connect, Recharge & Feel Inspired

The mission

Brand strategy
Visual identity
Website design on Showit


When visiting For Keeps Coffee, people feel like they've stepped into an oasis: it's not just your average café - it's so much more than that. It's a place to connect with friends, take a break from the everyday grind, and discover something new. The Philgreens have used their brand, website, and a sprinkle of magic to create an experience that won't soon be forgotten by anyone who entered its doors.

The impact

For Keeps Coffee oozes artsy uniqueness with its vibrant design. The use of artistic elements and textures heightens customers' emotions, making it truly remarkable. Customers can order their favorite drinks before entering the café, and get updates about upcoming events and exclusive discounts through an accessible user interface. What's more: beautiful visuals are also included to give customers a glimpse of the café's personality. By integrating these features, the website was completely transformed - showing visitors the real soul of For Keeps Coffee.

The outcome

Caitlin Hart had a dream; a dream to make a difference in people’s lives by helping them achieve their skin goals in combination with informed decision-making and spiritual rejuvenation. After years of hard work, she finally opened her own skin care center, hired a top-notch team of beauty experts, and was dedicated to providing her customers with the best possible care. As the years went by, her business began to blossom. 

After being voted the #1 Skin Care Center in Nashville by the popular Nashville Scene Magazine, Caitlin felt that it was time to make a change to showcase this growth. Unfortunately, she wasn't quite sure how to go about it. She knew that she needed to update her website and branding to better reflect her vision for the business, but she didn’t know the best way to approach it. That was when her business coach, Tiffany Napper, suggested reaching out to Meteor Street Studio for help.

First, we needed to make her branding more reflective of the client experience. I took the color palette from bright and punchy to muted and ethereal. Just like the depth and care of their treatments, we needed a dash of dimension to the visuals. I created a series of organic gradient textures to portray the idea of energy auras in a prism of colors. Introducing an elegant serif as the heading font brings in a more authoritative quality to the brand.

While Prism's website wasn't bad, the flow was cluttered it wasn't built to optimize for client conversions. We switched from Squarespace to Showit to enable more creative freedom over the layout and to make it easier for the Prism team to manage on their own going forward. We chatted about the main goals and services that bring Prism the most revenue to make sure those would be highlighted in the design.

The final visuals that were created for Prism came together like an absolute dream. They beautifully capture the essence of the skin care center and what it stands for. The website is truly inspiring and it has not taken long for a stream of new customers coming their way. To make the entire client experience consistent from first discovery on the website to the in-person interaction

Caitlin was amazed at the difference the website and branding updates made to the business. Not only did more customers come in, but they also felt inspired and excited to start their skin rejuvenation journey with Prism. To make the entire client experience consistent from first discovery on the website to the in-person interaction, we produced a set of gold foil printed business cards with a satin finish to be placed on the front desk. Delicate branded stickers are placed on bags containing customer's skin care products post treatment.

Her website now accurately reflects her message, and more and more people are drawn to her center. She was able to transform her spa into something truly special and the present and future of the business look even brighter. It just goes to show that with a little help, anything is possible.

Cameron and Danielle Philgreen had always been passionate about coffee. In fact, it almost felt like a calling for them. But rather than just running a regular cafe, The Philgreens had a vision of creating a haven for coffee lovers, a place for people to come and feel a connection to the warm, inviting atmosphere and be inspired to take on the day. It was a place that would become a refuge—a place of respite, a space to connect with friends, or a destination to focus and recharge. 

It all began when Danielle and Cameron stumbled upon a dusty, old space located in the heart of Waco, TX. Though it was in need of some serious renovations, they could already envision what it would become with a little work. After a few months of hard work and elbow grease, they were able to get loans from the bank and permits to start building – all they needed next was an all-star brand to pull it all together. To help them achieve this, the Philgreens hired a Meteor Street Studio to create a stunning website and brand identity for their business. 

I couldn’t help but feel inspired by the passion and dedication that Cameron and Danielle had put into this new adventure. My mission was to help create a brand and website that would bring the same soul, beauty, and inspiration of For Keeps Coffee to customers everywhere.

With its modern, vibrant design and easy-to-use interface, customers will be able to pre-order their favorite drinks from the website, see upcoming events, and get special discounts.

Through the use of beautiful visuals, the website was truly transformative, showing customers the real soul of For Keeps Coffee.

The Philgreens had achieved their mission - a place where people could connect, recharge and be inspired by the everyday coffee ritual. People are chomping at the bit to experience the unique atmosphere of For Keeps Coffee and the Philgreens are still working to make sure every customer feels welcomed and inspired.

For Cameron and Danielle, For Keeps Coffee is much more than just a café. It’s a place of connection and inspiration, a refuge for the weary traveler, and a beacon for those seeking an escape from the everyday mundane. With the help of their brand, their website, and a little bit of magic, Cameron and Danielle have created an unforgettable experience for their customers and friends alike.

For Keeps Coffee's Story

Cameron Philgreen

Had a phenomenal experience with Meteor Street Studio. We reached out to multiple branding professionals from all over the country, interviewed each of them, and ultimately landed with Hannah because of her vast experience in marketing and design, plus her understanding of how to build a brand "story" - not just how to draw cute things, but how to write the story behind the brand, how to build a foundation for a brand, and how the customer should relate with the brand. We did a couple hours of strategic planning, which laid the foundation for our customer experience, and led to a beautiful brand output in the end. Highly recommend!!!

"Our goal is to make our customers feel amazing, and Hannah helped us achieve that with her process. 

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