A photography business from Vancouver Island that captures intimate elopements and striking moments for the adventurous types. Motivated by a powerful craving for adventure plus expressions of love, we created a hand-crafted brand identity that accurately conveys her dual archetype, the Explorer meets the Lover.

Branding & web design

Crafting a new adventure for an elopement photographer.







On the website, we wanted to create a space that gives a sense of the authentic and enchanting experience they’ll have when getting their photos taken. Her clients should feel inspired before even book. Through the website, they’ll know that Vera Clark Photography is about so much more than just pretty photographs – she’s about creating adventurous memories.

– Vera Clark

I freaking love the logo of the hummingbird. It's even better than I could have envisioned. I love how it is detailed and hand-drawn, but still looks professional enough to not look too artsy.

The stars have aligned

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