Squarespace vs Showit: Which web builder is best?
Squarespace vs Showit: which web builder is right for you?

Which is better Showit vs Squarespace?


There are many web builders out there and most of them have a premium cost. So as you prepare to invest, which is the best option for your business? Well, it depends on what you want to do with your website. The big two that small business owners have been comparing lately are Squarespace vs Showit. They both have their pros and cons. I was a Squarespace user for 15 years and recently made the switch to Showit because my business needs changed. So which web builder should you use? Let’s compare Showit vs Squarespace to find out which one is best for your business!

What are Squarespace and Showit?

Squarespace and Showit are different website builders that are frequently compared because they both have a similar goal – enabling small businesses to create a website quickly and attract customers. They are both intuitive web-building platforms that offer a number of excellent templates. This means you have varying levels of control to customize according to user preference.

Yet, these two platforms differ in how they operate.

Features of Squarespace

Squarespace is all about minimalism. It boasts of a massive array of clean templates for all sorts of niches. All of which are which are automatically optimized for both desktop and mobile browsers.

However, one drawback of this platform is its creative freedom. It utilizes a grid and block system. This makes for easy editing and updating, but if you want a look that has more flair or the desire to break the grid, you need to implement custom code. It supports CSS code, which means that you can carefully customize many visual features on your website to help you stand out. If you are comfortable with code, then this is fine. Although in my experience, there can reach a point where you have to add a lot of custom CSS to make you Squarespace site look more unique and it can break your site or at least make it glitchy.

Squarespace positions itself as an all-in-one solution which is huge to small businesses and entrepreneurs. This means it offers a full range of solutions for SEO, e-commerce, and even email marketing all within your account. No keeping track of a million different business resources.

Features of Showit

The most talked-about feature of Showit is its drag and drop ability which requires no code to customize. The platform offers a huge amount of creative freedom because it was originally designed with creatives in mind. It has since grown in popularity in many other industries. With Showit, there is no grid and you’re not forced to place content where they decide. You get to do what works best for your needs.

This was the biggest reason I switched to Showit. When considering a redesign of my web experience, I reached a point in the Squarespace builder where I simply could not achieve my vision. Showit could promise that and it was incredibly simple to do. I also found that I was not utilizing most of the built-in Squarespace features such as the email marketing and e-commerce functions, so there wasn’t a reason to keep paying for those.

Unlike Squarespace, Showit does not automatically optimize your site for mobile. Instead, you can customize the mobile version of your website separately. This is great because you can easily ensure the mobile version looks exactly how you want it to. However, adds more time to your building process as you essentially have to design your website twice.

Showit is limited in its business functionalities directly in the builder portal and relies on plugins from third-party applications. For example, blogging is done via a WordPress plugin and e-commerce can be done through a Shopify plugin. While some people prefer the ease of having these features all in one place, there are major benefits to the plugins. WordPress is arguably the best blogging platform out there and is incredible for your SEO performance. If you are planning to blog a lot, this might be a plus one for Showit. Shopify is also one of the leading e-commerce platforms on the market, so if you have a larger product offering, it’s advisable to harness the power of these three combined.

So Which Should You Choose?

Solopreneurs and small business owners love both of these excellent platforms. As discussed, both platforms have their pros and cons, so you have to choose which one best suits your needs. In the battle of Squarespace vs Showit, which one should you choose? Well, that decision is entirely up to you.

If you want to build a show-stopping website that prioritizes visual flair with ease, Showit is best for you. But if you want something polished with an array of built-in features optimized for businesses of all types, then Squarespace might be the way to go.

Ready to jump in and design an excellent web experience for your business? Schedule a free discovery call with me and I’ll help you choose which platform is right for you.

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