Briana Masson is a well-traveled Pilates expert and certified sommelier who helps people enrich their lives through fitness classes, wellness experiences, and cultural inspiration. We set out to create a chic space that gives her audience a sense of the innovative experience they’ll have when working with her.

web design

Chic makeover for a Pilates expert & sommelier.







Her previous website was cluttered and lacked flow. The branding applied also was too immature and did not accurately reflect her level of quality and expertise. We want her clients to feel inspired and sparked with curiosity before even subscribe to a class or book an experience. Through the new website, they’ll know that Briana is about so much more than just fitness – she’s about passion, travel, and seeking a better lifestyle.

– Briana Masson

Hire Hannah now! She is a lovely woman and designer who has an amazing aesthetic and really listens to what you need and want for your company… she provides the best way to achieve your goals.

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